What is Daemon Kings?
Daemon kingdoms is a vast, multi user game where you play as your own daemon. Train up your daemon with others and take a portal to earth where you can unleash your wrath against the humans for rewards. Rise up the ranks to become a god of all daemons!

What is the current project status?
Current project phase: Sourceforge project page accepted, coding will begin.

When is the first release expected?
Hopefully, the first alpha release candidate will be avalible 1st March 2006.

Any chance of me getting it before then?
If you know howto use CVS you can visit the sourceforge page and download the prealpha.

Can i help in the development?
There are quite a few positions avalible to help develop Daemon Kingdoms.
  • Advanced PHP developer, with CVS and MySQL knowledge.
  • Grafical Developer.
  • Tons of others

Email me if you want to help!

R4000 - Lead Developer and Project Manager

Game Mechanics - Early stages
First of all, the user must sign up at the registration page with their alias, email and whatever. Once they have received a conformation email they may begin the game. Once logged in, they will enter a room where a strange creature will ask them what race of daemon, they wish to play as (there will be a section on races later). After choosing their race they will enter the next room where they will receive information on their, selected race and also a short tutorial on playing the game and maybe some sample battles. Then they will go on into the main village, which brings us to the next part.

Game Mechanics - Training up
In the village you will find:
  • An inn, for social and possible quests.
  • Armor and weapon shop.
  • Guild hall?
  • Perhaps others
There will also be a small foresty type area outside of town where players can train up their characters, and perhaps get a small amount of cash. Which they could spend on items at the shops.

Game Mechanics - Questing
Quests can be given off NPC's that the players will meet in bars or other places. Possible quest could be:
  • Killing a certain amount of a certain monster.
  • Killing a special boss type creature.
  • Getting a special item.
  • Delivering something to another area.
Once a player has completed the quest and been turned in by the player they will receive a reward in the, shape of a large cash sum or a good bit of equipment.

Game Mechanics - Portal to Earth
Once the player has reached a certain level they will have access to a portal which will take them to a small, and safe daemon encampment on earth. This is were the game gets really interesting. Here, you will be able to be transported to various of earths cities, e.g london. When you first start, there will not be many places to goto, but you will soon unlock others. Once you have been transported to that place you can wreak havoc upon the humans and perhaps even destroy, a few buildings. Each time you kill a human or destroy a building you getting a number of points added to you...

Game Mechanics - Daemonic Ranking
Basically, the more havoc you wreak the higher you go up. And as you go up the ranks, you get access to special items and other cool stuff.

Game Mechanics - Races
There will be three "main races". That being one thats is very agile but weak, one that is strong but slow and one in the middle. Once these have been created will implement some secondary, races with various special qualities, e.g summoning powers.

Game Mechanics - Combat Once a player has begun combat with an enemy they will both appear facing each other on the page, ready for battle. The combat information will be on the bottom. There, you can see your health and what special attacks you can use. Once the enemy has died you can see its body fall to the ground so you can a have a good old gloat. Be careful though, the same applies to your daemon!

Group Combat This feature is quite hazy at the moment but at some point we hope to introduce some system of group fighting. There in you invite another user to your group and combine your strength to fight enemy creatures which would otherwise be impossible to defeat without help.